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Intergraph® FreeView® for Apple® iPad®

Intergraph FreeView lets users view and navigate published CADWorx AutoCAD-based plant models on Apple iPad. Model animations, captured views and engineering markups can all be easily shared and accessed.

Intuitive tools allows users to modify views by isolating sections of the model based on line numbers or component type. Users can also easily hide or adjust the transparency of individual, or groups, of components.

With FreeView clients, managers, engineers, designers, and site personnel are now all able to collaborate in the design process.

Intergraph FreeView
Intergraph Freeview is a free viewer that allows project stakeholders to view models published using CADWorx Design Create.

Quicker Review Cycles
Collaborate and review designs quicker and more intuitively. Users are able to reduce the need to interpret designs via paper printouts and other non-interactive methods. Model animations, captured views and engineering markups can all be easily shared and accessed on the go.

Stunning Performance 
The intuitive interface of Intergraph FreeView allows users to modify views, manipulate, isolate sections and moving around even the largest models quick and smooth. Users can also adjust transparency of individual, or groups of components.

Impressive File Sharing
With Intergraph Freeview, file sharing and accessing are impressively fast.

Accurate Visualization
Powerful visualization tools provide settings for color, transparency and model shadows.
With flexible selection sets, it is also possible to adjust settings for single components, layers, and line numbers.

Intelligent Information
Access the same model information as you would within a CADWorx design session. Component names and descriptions, line numbers, weights and other plant design data are all available.

Editable Animations
Creating informative and stunning animations is simple with CADWorx Design Review and even easier accessing them for viewing via iPad with Intergraph FreeView.